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How to register your challenge…


First you need to set up a fundraising page for your challenge on Virgin Money Giving 

Go to the website and register an email address, then click Next and follow the instructions for entering your first name, last name and address. Create a Password  as per the Checklist, then tick ‘I have read and agreed with the T&C’s’ and click Register.


Start your own fundraising Challenge, then click Let’s get going and enter a description of your challenge when asked ‘What are you doing to raise money?’. Click Next and then Do something else.

Enter the date you intend to complete your challenge by and click NextPlease remember all challenges must be completed on or by 11th November 2018.


Next Search for a charity…  Find and select Horseback UK and the Royal British Legion as the two We Remember Them supported charities. The money you raise will be split 50/50 between the two charities by default, but you can change the % split if you want to. Click No when asked ‘Have any of the charities contributed to the cost of your Fundraising?’ It is your choice as to whether you are happy for either of the charities to contact you. Follow the remaining instructions on this page.


Finally click Create My Page, add a photo and set your fundraising target – remember to share your challenge story with as many people as possible! We strongly recommend using Virgin Money Giving as a safe and secure way to collect donations for your challenge, but you can collect donations in whichever way you choose. Once you have collected all your challenge donations please let us know how much money you have raised by 11th November 2018 so we can notify our supported charities.


Nearly done… Now you’ve set up a fundraising page for your challenge please tell us about it by sending an email to with: YOUR NAME | YOUR CONTACT EMAIL| YOUR CHALLENGE VIRGIN MONEY GIVING PAGE ADDRESS | YOUR CHALLENGE FACEBOOK PAGE AND/OR CLUB WEBSITE | WHAT YOUR CHALLENGE IS, WHO IS DOING IT AND WHEN YOU ARE DOING IT! Don’t forget to include any photos or video.

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