National swim relay

100 x 100m relay swim

Date 8th September
Target £5,000
Reached £5,220 (to date)


A national 100x100m relay race for swim clubs around the country.

Thank you to event sponsor Zoggs.

The national final took place in Sheffield on the 8th September. 400 swimmers from all over the UK came to race; supported by the Derbyshire Army Cadet Force Band and volunteers from Swim England and The Royal British Legion.

An extraordinary day, highlights of which were the last post played from the 10m diving board and the Remembrance Poppy Waterfall being made in the swimming pool building during the racing.

ITV even came to film the event for the evening news! You can watch the coverage on the final HERE.

The race was won by City of Sheffield Swim Squad.

Thank you everyone who swam, managed, volunteered, entertained and supported. On the day we added another £800 to the 100x100m relay challenge total raised.

There is still one more relay to come – happening on 11th November at South Woodham Ferrers Leisure Centre in Essex… Good luck to them!

 Some Q&A’s about the relay below:

Q. Do all the swimmers in a relay team have to be from the same club?
A. No, swimmers can be from one or more clubs – past or present, young or old(er)! But you need 100 swimmers.

Q. Where and when is the national final?
A. The final is scheduled for 8th September at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre (a huge THANK YOU to them for their kind support). We’re hoping the final will include a combined services relay team of Army, Navy and RAF swimmers. We have lots of creative ideas for the day – like decorating the pool with underwater poppies in keeping with the occasion. Prizes will include a photoshoot at your club with GBSWIMSTARS.

Q. Does it cost anything to enter the challenge?
A. We’re aiming for a donation of £10 or more per swimmer to the Royal British Legion and HorsebackUK. But we’re grateful for whatever you can help us raise.

Q. What are the rules for the relay?
A. See our launch video for the basic rules, but we want to make it fair, fun and inclusive. We also want to allow for different length pools etc. We expect clubs will allocate one lane for the relay during a morning or evening training session and organise their swimmers as they need them.

Q. Is there a date by which we have to do the relay?

A. Ideally you need to do the relay by mid August so we can invite the teams to the final on 8th September. But some teams are doing it after the 8th because they’re not worried about the final, for them it’s more the taking part! The campaign finishes on the 11th November.

Q. Do the two timekeepers have to be qualified?

No min qualification is required for the timekeepers – just people you can trust with a stopwatch who know about legal changeovers!

Q. Is there a min/max age for the swimmers?

A. No!

Q. How do we get the giant poppies we saw in the launch video?

A. We can send you some of the giant poppies if we have them, or you can order them directly from the Royal British Legion.

Q. Where will our relay time be posted?
A. Relay times will go on the NATIONAL LEADER BOARD below…

We think this is a wonderful way for the swimming community to show their support for our past and present serving men and women… And have a bit of fun at the same time!

Inspired by what these swim clubs are doing? Then please use the link below to give a donation:




Loughborough Swimming | 1:46.41

Worcester Swim Club Team1 | 1:56.42

Basildon & Phoenix Swim Club | 1:59.17

Nottingham Leander Swim Club | 2:01.41

Ware Swim Club | 2:12.38

Nofio Clwyd | 2:13.24

Poole Swim Club | 2:39.00

Worcester Swim Club Team2 | 2:53.18


City of Sheffield Swim Squad | 2:08.32


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