National Stretcher Relay Race

Teams around the UK will compete against each other in a timed 100m x 100 relay race

Throughout 2018
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We’ll be looking for teams of 12 to compete against each other in a timed 100m x 100 relay race as they carry 100Kg on a stretcher.

The team with the fastest (verified) race time will win a photoshoot with an award winning sports photographer and the national stretcher relay race trophy.

The fastest teams will be invited to compete against each other in a LIVE NATIONAL FINAL – location and time to be confirmed.

1. Put together one or more team of 12 from your gym.

2. REGISTER your team stretcher relay race challenge on our website, pay the small entrance fee via your Virgin Money Giving page and get your friends and family to sponsor you.

2. Order the approved stretcher and get it delivered to your gym (more details soon).


3. When you’re ready… Find and mark out a 100m straight line course (this needs to be very accurate!).

4. Ensure you have a way to accurately TIME the relay and VERIFY your finish time and distance (we will make recommendations how to do this).

5. During the relay at least 2 women must be holding the stretcher at any one time and all your 12 team members must race with it during every lap – who holds the stretcher when and for how many laps is your decision.

6. A single 100m lap is only completed when all of your 12 team members cross the 100m mark at either end and your stretcher must always be carrying 4x25Kg flat weights.

7. Your race must be time lapse video’d or photographed.

8. Send your finish total time, photos and videos to us so we can maintain a NATIONAL LEADER BOARD.

9. Your team(s) can attempt more than one relay race – just send us your fastest time (but PLEASE be honest!).

More news about the national challenge will follow very soon.

For more information please get in touch .

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