Everesting bike challenge

We’re cycling up and down the same hill until we’ve reached the height of Mount Everest

June 2018
Donation Target
Amount Reached
Simon Wright, Deane Hitchens-Orr, Jim Wilkinson, Matthew Yorke and Ian Wren

  •  Sheffield/Derbyshire area
  • We’re looking for more cyclists to join us… GET IN TOUCH!


We’re five old guys cycling up the equivalent height of Mount Everest.

We have to continuously cycle 39 times up and down Froggatt hill in Derbyshire to reach 29,029 feet.

We estimate it will take us about 26 hours – we can rest, but we can’t sleep!

Our training began in May 2017 and we’re still looking for a few more cyclists to join us – so please get in touch if you’re interested.

UPDATE! Date set for 30th June.

Froggatt Hill

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